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check out this spotlight on the thesis new year’s card from this letterpress card was printed in only 2 colors, using varied impression depths to create perspective. so subtle and lovely to look at, makes me wish i had one to touch.

have you ever wanted to print your own pattern designs on fabric without going into fabric manufacturing? my friend josh ross linked up the other day, and it looks like a great way to play around with homemade fabric design.


have you gotten your <a href="eames century modern catalog from <a href="house industries yet? these catalogs are outstanding visual reference material, and they’ll send one to you for free if you leave your address. follow the link to the house industries blog to see a cool video giving a snapshot to each phase of the print production process. celebrating this font release, they’ve also created a suite of all kinds of fun products to play with as well [from].

[image: the look partnership] tipped me off to this awesome typeface lodgecode by the look partnership. so clean and clear with a slight retro flair makes it both elegant and endearing. available at


i am really interested in taking a spin through this book, wine labels by eduardo del fraile for index book. follow the link for sample spreads from inside the book, they look great!

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