beyond design

Running on Empty from Ross Ching on Vimeo.
it’s always cool to see shots of LA with no cars in them, and these are time-lapsed into video, by ross ching.

fun on the web

ball pool
bizarre web sites on which you can kill time with style from <a href=" is a wonderful archive of games, interactive animations and experiential sites where you can explore and have fun.


recycling bins
[photo: d’arcy norman]
if you’ve got some items that you think may be recyclable, but you’re not sure where to take them or how to do it, re-nest was nice enough to publish hard-to-recycle items and where to take them to help you figure it out!

locks in a box: i’m sending my hair to clean up the gulf oil spill from if you’re getting your hair cut sometime soon, maybe pass the info along to your hairdresser. i’m not sure how much hair can do considering the ever-expanding spill is not even contained, but they’re going to need all the help they can get, and if it comes from something we normally throw out, i’m all for it.


another from re-nest i want to share is nontoxic diy cleaning solution for swiffer wetjets which is something i’ve wondered about for awhile. perhaps i could have tried harder to get the cap off the solution bottle, because i thought i’d break it, not realizing it was glued. i also don’t want to damage the internal parts, so it’s nice to hear from people who have done it with success.

design sponge’s biz ladies: budgeting and forecasting breaks down the steps in creating your business plan, finding out what you need to make & how, and creating a budget you can use to run your business, for those who might be dragging their feet on the more businessey aspects of running a business. good info!


stuffed zucchini
i just picked all the fava beans, and now zucchini season has started in my garden, which means keeping the zucchini production in balance by also eating the blossoms. i have always loved using edible flowers, especially ones that are perfumed versions of their vegetable offspring. there are many ways to do stuffed zucchini blossoms, it’s usually a matter of what you like in your ricotta cheese mix. i like this recipe because it’s fairly simple, seasonal and satisfying: zucchini blossoms with vegetables from

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