exploring the LA river greenway

my final post for LAist’s park-a-day project is a showcase of the LA river greenway project, beautifying green spaces along the LA river one pocket park at a time. here are my favorites from walking along the LA river. read more on LAist!

heron gates
the heron gates at rattlesnake park
rattlesnake park
looking south through rattlesnake park
LA river, north
looking at the LA river northwest from fletcher bridge
riverside bench 1
a lovely rest spot: a raised bench surrounded by native plants and flowers (the fence behind it was covered with grape vines)
riverside bench 2
cyclists take a break in the shade at one of the riverside benches
conservation corps
the conservation corps was on site today, conservatin'
river cascades
greenery in the glendale narrows of the LA river
river greenery
still waters and greenery of the glendale narrows
steelhead park
stone steps and benches in the steelhead park ampitheater
oso park
oso park bear statue
egret park
looking northwest into egret park
blue heron
a blue heron's wingspan caught my eye as he came in for a landing. he must be 4 feet tall!
fancy roosters
a trio of roosters show me their fancy feathers
spotted hens
a group of spotted hens among the flock of backyard chickens that ran to the fence to see if i had treats for them

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