making meaning from wandering for a good cause

desktop wallpaper
desktop wallpaper for colleen wainwright's awesome 50-for-50 project!

i have been away. i’ve been more than away, i’ve been busy, and it’s taken time away from writing here. it’s been quite a summer of helping to get exciting projects wrapped and launched, and once that was all done, i went to help out with the stanford jazz camp’s music marketing panel, and finally off to big sur to decompress. funny about decompression, it sometimes helps you focus on what to do next, even when you think you’re not thinking about it.

i had one assignment, which was to get my contribution for colleen wainwright’s outstanding birthday countdown: the 50-for-50 project [raising $50k in 50 days for her 50th birthday gift donation to]. i made a desktop wallpaper illustrating a quote, one of the many fine things you can get in one of colleen’s cleverly tailored donation packages. lucky for me, i happened to be taking a lot of walks on a trip specifically designed for stopping to smell the flowers, and found this lovely scene in andrew molera state park on the creamery meadow trail. colleen is halfway to her goal and has about 30 days to go. check her list of fantastic perks, pick one and donate to a great cause!

as for me, i am ready to dig in and recommit to more writing and posting and less feeling overwhelmed or too busy. summer vacation is over and i’m refreshed and ready to tackle the daily grind with renewed energy. thanks for sticking around!

6 thoughts on “making meaning from wandering for a good cause

    1. yes! my picture was on the meadow trail before reaching the beach, but we started along that path on the bluffs as well. i have to figure out how to stay there longer next time.


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