from big sur and back to work

mcway falls
view of mcway falls from cliff trail above

last week i took a much-needed summer vacation in the bay area and big sur. though i’ve had the weekend to get back into the swing and ready to tackle the week, i’m still looking at these photos, smelling marine-layered pine needles and dreaming of a to-do list that only included preparing meals, hiking, lining up a bundle of firewood, and pairing a campfire dinner with camp-friendly wine. here’s a selection of my favorite photos from the trip, and with that, back to work!

andrew molera state park
coastal bluffs along andrew molera state park
riparian forest
riparian forest at pfeiffer beach
creamery meadow trail
creamery meadow trail in andrew molera state park
starfish and sea anemones in tidepools at partington cove
nepenthe view
view of the beach from breakfast at kivah cafe at nepenthe
seaweed and jellyfish
seaweed and jellyfish in partington cove
pfeiffer beach
late afternoon at pfeiffer beach
shelf fungus
shelf fungus on a tree stump in our camp site
partington cove
waves in partington cove

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