creative inspiration J.S. Bach – Cello Suite No. 1 – Prelude from Alexander Chen on Vimeo.


ugmonk woodcut ampersand
ugmonk woodcut ampersand, image:

i really wish i could buy every large, sculptural ampersand i see. this premium woodcut & from ugmonk is pretty sweet.


averia font type sample
averia font type sample, image:

so, i don’t know if this would happen to you, but it happened to dan sayers when he averaged the shapes of 725 fonts on his computer. i think it’s refreshingly friendly with a little throwback to faces like cooper old style. read up on it and get a download link on


stuart thursby ampersand poster
stuart thursby ampersand poster, image:

look at that, i tricked you with all these categories since everything i’m posting today is about type. this lovely ampersand is made up of all different styles of tiny ampersands in a lovely shade of blue! check out for a closer look.


parlato design studio seasonal eats recipe guide, thanksgiving 2011

if you weren’t able to snag a free copy, the parlato design studio seasonal eats recipe guide is $5 per copy in the store!

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