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design work life gift guide 2011
design work life gift guide 2011, image: is one of my favorite blogs, collecting all kinds of great type, layout and illustration samples. they also do a holiday gift guide, usually done in blog posts, but this year it’s an interactive guide and really stunning. check it out!


slanted magazine
slanted magazine, image:

slanted is a german design and typography magazine, issue 15 of which deals with experimental type, as pictured above. see the whole profile at


if you’re anything like me, you’ve been thinking about using white ink for years, and just haven’t had the right project or client who will go for it. well, technology has heard about our white ink desires and improved digital printing technology to make it possible at affordable prices. my friend nick carranza wrote it all up for print magazine, complete with setup and paper stock suggestions: c-m-y-stop there? time to think about white ink

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