creative inspiration

this is a fascinating little ipad app for people with repetitive stress in their hands. i’d love to know how it works, but i have neither the affliction nor an ipad. see the full writeup at


tunnelbravo, branding for north
tunnelbravo, branding for north / image:

i love this branding work for north, a new restaurant in arcadia, arizona, by tunnelbravo, featured on they’ve combined a rustic bistro / artisan foods feel into a lovely 2-color pop of modernized overprints, and even made a custom typeface for them from a vintage typewriter. see the whole brand showcase on the tunnelbravo site.

echo park

this is super-sweet: there’s an anonymous love letter drop box on sunset blvd right at laveta terrace. write whatever you like, drop it in the box, and it will eventually appear on the echo park love letters blog.

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