creative inspiration

anyone from generation x should be intimately familiar with the pbs logo from all the sesame street we watched. just thinking about going through the design process with several somewhat-mundane revisions and client requests puts a humorous spin on it, for designers anyway.


new york times logo
new york times logo, image:

this is a lovely idea for anyone who has the opportunity to do some environmental design for their clients–how about growing a logo with colorful indigenous plants? these succulents would be perfect here in southern california.


aetna rebrand
aetna rebrand, image:

admittedly, i have trouble getting excited about healthcare branding, but this redesign of the aetna brand is some really great work by siegel+gale, and it’s one of the few times i absolutely agree with the folks at brand new. see the whole profile at

hiring a designer is just one piece of the branding puzzle, but to launch a good brand, the business leaders themselves would do themselves a favor to spend some time brand-thinking. here are the 5 basic building blocks for branding your startup from

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