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your city is a public orchard
your city is a public orchard, image:

looking at green things for the week of earth day, this letterpress fold-out urban guide by textbook studios is right up my alley. i’ve been a supporter public fruit mapping for awhile now, and i think this piece is a lovely tribute to the cause.

green gifts

greenhouse, image:

if you’re in a giving state of mind, this simply-packaged plant carrier is a really cute gift / promo idea. die-cut out of a single sheet of cardboard, wrap the plant gift of your choice and hand them out.

speaking of plants, it’s time to get out into the garden and try out some springtime projects. this run-down of back-yard projects can get you started.


eco perch
eco perch, image:

i’ve been looking at this post a lot this week. eco-perch: a luxury treehouse prefabricated concept home you can assemble on land or in the trees. i’m not so sure i’d live in one full-time just yet, but as far as the concept of a vacation home, i think it’s a dream! if you’re fascinated with tiny houses, i found the tiny house blog while looking at a few of these.

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