snaps from portland

we recently went to portland for a wedding, and though i’ve only been there once before, i still couldn’t get over how cute it was. especially in the sunshine, which was the weather that graced our visit. we stayed downtown, so on our first night, we decided to finally have some deschutes from the source. our flight was outstanding, and look at their awesome logo!

i won’t lie, i’m really jealous of a city that has highly-visible bike lanes that take up half the one-way street. one of these was right outside our hotel lobby, so we could watch all the happy people biking by. happy because it was beautiful sunshiny weather, which i know i mentioned before, but it seemed like every person we overheard was remarking on it all weekend, which made us enjoy it so much more.

pretty wedding colors in creme and just-off tiffany blue. we joined the bride for champagne mani-pedis the night before, so i got to take this color home on my toes too. super cute!

we chose the ace hotel since we’ve enjoyed the palm springs location, and selected a back room on the quiet side of the hotel. it was quiet, indeed, and quite comfy. i liked their idea of using an encyclopedia as wallpaper with these cute paintings.

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