creative inspiration


fall forecast: conservative from the how design blog. the pantone color matching system has released it’s fall color forecast, and though it’s on the conservative side, it sure is pretty!

color theory for designers from smashing magazine. a great primer for anyone interested in the meaning of the colors they’re using. this is first in a series, here are the next 2 as well: understanding concepts and terminology and creating your own color palettes.


helvetica typeface cookie cutters by beverly hsu from

Colosseo: Available March 2010 from Cameron Moll on Vimeo.

300&65 is showcasing a different ampersand every day of the year!


design quotes is a really cool site that rotates quotes about design or by designers through a spectrum of color. take a look!

maybe a new street sign is what the world needs now from the ted blog [gary lauder]. i love the concept that drivers would stop falling back on right-of-way or road rage and work together to make safe transportation and cooperation happen. this sign gives me hope that an effective cycling awareness sign can’t be far behind. from the ted blog: Lauder has registered the sign with a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license — so share it freely (just credit him, don’t modify the sign, and don’t sell it). And imagine a world where every street sign contains the word “Please.”

design industry

limited run pillows by hola amiga from <a href="apartment therapy. these pillows are a really exciting pop of color, run only 20 at a time. sweet!

best practices: press forward from print magazine. I found three people who work as consultants or within their own companies to come up with new and creative approaches to green the production process. Their innovative thinking could change everything about how designers print, from the paper chosen for a project to the boxes used to ship the final product. [jeremy lehrer] read the article to see what designers are doing to stay true to best practices.

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