creative inspiration


lab partners for monocle magazine
[image: lab partners]
from the farmlands, through the cities, to the sea! this illustration by lab partners is an amazing perspective on landscapes. thanks for the link.


david hiser for documerica
[image: david hiser]
an amazing find shared on the how design blog: images of the 70s. the documerica project, commissioned by the EPA, hired freelance photographers to capture images relating to environmental problems. quite an outstanding collection!


alto font
if you’re looking for some great sans serif typefaces that work well in a variety of layouts and styles, check out’s fundamentals: workhorse sans serifs for a great list with examples in action.


sleepers & coal by adam hill
[image: adam hill]
thanks to for showcasing this outstanding work by adam hill in their for your inspiration monday feature. this selection of gig posters shown have some really awesome type treatments and uses, along with his uniquely stylized illustrations.

design industry

a couple from aiga, did you know they’re expanding the resource center to add useful things like the aiga center for practice management, aiming to support all aspects of the business side of graphic design? it’s true! all those questions you might have about rates, legal issues, financial planning, and project management can be found in this public resrouce for best practices. another fantastic aiga development just released is the living principles, helping designers move toward the creation of work that is environmentally, culturally & socially sustainable.. their mission statement: The Living Principles for Design aim to guide purposeful action, celebrating and popularizing the efforts of those who use design thinking to create positive cultural change.

4 thoughts on “creative inspiration

  1. The “Marion and Cal Frisk” memorial is appropo and great, I’m sure they’re beaming pretty brightly at you right now. Thanks for posting this and linking your other site to it, I sometimes what happen to everyone…hehe.


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