creative inspiration

a rube goldberg machine video for your day-before-holiday fun!


wine label
lovely wine packaging by fanakalo in 1-color illustration paired with chunky embossing.

design industry

i have one thing to share about my industry this week, and it’s these 28 talking points on spec work, design contests & crowdsourcing and how pretty much every presentation of value they tout is false! [thanks dave waite!]

food & holiday fun

foraging for thanksgiving
[image: T. Susan Chang for NPR]
whether you actually do this or not, i found it totally fascinating to see a much more interesting list of foods to forage for thanksgiving: try foraging for your thanksgiving meal, which then led me to weed it and eat it, because why fight weeds with poisons or aggression when you could just eat many of them? both from! [thanks tricia okin!]

i always knew to listen for a resonant hollow sound when picking a watermelon, but i never knew about the sugar spot: the art of reading watermelons, from

if you’re staying local for thanksgiving and want to help out the community, check out echo park’s gobble gobble give.

looking for alternatives to malls & black friday and all that stuff? check out renegade craft fair, los angeles!

if you got this far and you’re looking for some pure fun before you take off for the day, check out this google map of all the oldest things in the world. awesome! [thanks michele yu!]

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