school-style valentines are back!

parlato design studio valentines

it’s february 1, which means it’s time to get awesome with a fun throwback to school-style valentines. get yourself a set, fill them out, and then sneak over to your co-worker’s desk, hand them to your friends, or stick them on your cereal the roommate’s always eating and tell them they rock! they’re awesome! hanging with them makes your day! if that doesn’t say i love you, the fact that they’re printed responsibly on 100% post-consumer paper in an odd size to maximize sheet use should [i’m just sayin’].

parlato design studio valentines

school-style valentines

bring back the fun of school-style valentines! cards come in 4 styles, full design on the front, space to fill in a personal message on the back. all cards are printed on neenah environment 100% post-consumer recycled paper, 100lb uncoated cover stock.

• variety pack: 5 of each style [set of 20], 3″ x 3.75

set of 20 cards: $6 includes shipping

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