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tennessee state motto by matt lehman
[image: matt lehman]
i don’t have a bunch to say about design today, but what i will say is that this illustrated state motto project 50 and 50 is super cool! i can’t wait till they get to california! thanks for the link.

our very own AIGA LA 2010 fellow, jeri heiden, gets her own spotlight on imprint: influence and inspiration, part 2: jeri heiden.


naturally sweet stickers
[image: twig & thistle]
these have been all over the internet this week, and i think they’re brilliant: naturally sweet diy valentines! pick a fruit, pair it with a fruity pun sticker and share a naturally sweet treat with your valentine!


it seems like a preponderance of news items involving sustainability came out this week. first of all, these services have been around for awhile, but if you didn’t jump on them before, reduce your junk mail with a selection of mail reduction services. second, if you wondered what it’s like to live as close to zero waste as possible, the zero waste home answers your questions about it. third, i’m astounded to find out that ben & jerry’s has figured out a way to run their ice cream factory on ice cream!

los angeles offers a round-up of cool LA sites to follow.


kale shiitake stir fry
this week’s seasonal eats is about kale, health benefits, deliciousness and all!

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