creative inspiration

event design

haunted museum
image: FPO / studio fuse

this invitation to the natural history museum’s halloween event “haunted museum” brings together retro thriller movie design with vintage travel posters. see the entire profile at fpo.

furniture innovation

comfy cargo chair

thanks to for sharing the comfy cargo chair, which can be stuffed with anything you’d like to display while sitting in it. i only hope there’s a suggestion to add a cushion to the seat.


ideal sans
image: H&FJ

H&FJ has just announced a new typeface, ideal sans, a clean, highly-versatile sans-serif that tinkers with space and proportion while maintaining high readability.

design industry

the 2011 brand new conference is open for registration.

for those of you following trends in logo design, logo lounge’s logo trends for 2011 is out.

i recently watched this “talking funny” show on hbo as well, but michael beirut was able to grab from it 7 things graphic designers can learn from stand up comics.

if you’re a designer working with a developer when it comes to web development, maybe your relationship could use some guidance. smashing magazine offers two cats in a sack: designer-developer discord.

it’s never too early to incorporate design into a development process, so why not revisit your research process and integrate it wherever you can. parse can help you get started: design-research process.


cherry cottage cheesecake
cherry cottage cheesecake

this week in food, we’re talking all about cherries over at LAist: seasonal eats: cherry season is upon us!

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