creative inspiration

Pendulum sound machine from kyoueidesign on Vimeo.

design industry

hey designers, there’s a lovely new book, i heart design, out by steven heller! see the whole profile on the designer’s review of books.

hey clients, if you’re thinking about developing a new web site, there’s this great planning guide that can help you understand what you’re in for and how to prepare!

and hey, both designers and clients, if you’ve ever been confused about how copyright law works, or what are the specifics of licensing, smashing magazine is ready to break it down for you!

and while you’re still here, there’s this great piece on about putting entrepreneurial designers in a position to bring their great design energy to the leadership and inception of the company, and connecting them with the money to make it happen:

“What we’re hoping to do is shift the paradigm of what design is. Design encompasses systems now, not just ‘making things look pretty,'” Allen continues. “Designers have traditionally been paid a lot of money to make what people want; meanwhile, most startups fail because they make things that people don’t actually want! But designers are trained in methods of getting to these ‘aha’ moments about customers, products, and use cases. And that’s a great opportunity for designers to make a foundational contribution in a startup venture.”


color shifted caprese salad
green tomatoes and purple basil make a unique caprese salad!

in the world of seasonal eating, we’re moving from spring to summer this week, so enjoy some of the best of both seasons. last week’s seasonal eats was about spring peas while this week, we’re talking heirloom tomatoes!

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