creative inspiration

a beautifully simple design and execution of a promo video for a very important cause. excellent work!


yeah! burger branding
yeah! burger branding, image:

this brand & identity for yeah! burger by tad carpenter is really fun! bold type and tantalizing colors in a strong, simple format, paired with really fun illustrations. see the full profile at

pattern design

cat habits pattern
cat habits pattern, image: paper bicycle creative

while it goes without saying that i’m a huge fan of cats, i’m seeing a pattern in that i seem to be drawn to daily projects as well. paper bicycle creative is showcasing a different pattern design every day, and they’re really outstanding!

echo park

what’s new in the neighborhood? well, we’re on our way to becoming a beer mecca [yeah!] after mohawk bend‘s opening last month, now we’ve got sunset beer company for even more of your beer tasting & shopping needs! and even though they’re in atwater, golden road brewing just mohawk customers in echo park their first taste of point the way ipa and golden road hefeweizen. it’s a good time to love craft beer!

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