creative inspiration


yes taco menu
yes taco menu, image: art of the menu

i love this 2-color, natural paper, downright stampy look for yes taco, profiled recently on art of the menu.


theo inglis, the new york postcard project
theo inglis / the new york postcard project, image:

i’ve said this before, but it bears repeating, especially since people keep doing it: i love maps, and i love typography, and i REALLY love it when designers make typographic maps. thanks to for profiling theo inglis’ new york postcard project.


ripe feijoas
ripe feijoas

you may not recognize these right away if you don’t already have a tree growing in your yard, but feijoas are a delicious late summer guava that can add a lovely balance of sweetness and tartness to your life. check out seasonal eats: feijoas are falling from the trees!

if you’re not reading this right now today, maybe you didn’t know it’s raining. only today. very soon it will be back to sunny weather. but if you want to have some rainy day funtimes, pick one of these soups to warm your kitchen tonight: 10 simple soups for the start of the fall season

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