creative inspiration

what a cool internet collaboration on a christmas song!


burn cottage wine packaging
[image: the dieline]
a really unique illustration on oncoated stock to showcase burn cottage, a biodynamic winery. by mash.


bathe wines
[image: thedielinewine]
beautiful, simple type treatment and illustration for bathe wines by fuller. so clean and classic! check the complete profile on the dieline.

some outstanding tv quotes from mad men, the wire and battlestar galactica, in custom typeset.

los angeles

spicy winter fruit salad
i’ve been writing for LAist about eating seasonally, and the latest is about spicing up your holiday menu with fresh LA fare. last week was a good look at swiss chard, followed by my first experience with creative mornings in los angeles with alissa walker. stay tuned for more each week!

loving LA got a lot easier with this awesome tumblr: 10>110>101, an eclectic collection of all kinds of LA ephemera. thanks to @theroyalacademy for sharing it!


i’m not going to add to your holiday overwhelm more than i already have, but consider these cookies. they’re made with salt and pepper. if you like salty cookies that really bring out the flavor, try these out: salt n pepper sandwich cookies. yum!

2 thoughts on “creative inspiration

  1. omg, that salad looks great. Didn’t realize you were writing for LAist, chock up another reason to read that site more often…lol. But I’m a try that recipe!


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