creative inspiration

Micro Macro from Encyclopedia Pictura on Vimeo.

super-cute explanation of the universe done in food! i especially like the polar caps in shredded mozzarella.


rebranding teachers
rebranding teachers, image: hyperakt

a beautiful rebranding of teachers by hyperakt re-imagines the inspiration of education and applies it to just about every civic touchpoint conceivable. great work!


cuppow, image:

i saw this innovative item on 3 blogs in one week, and it first caught my eye for the retro-style packaging. however, i have several friends who have given up on the travel bottle craze and gone luddite, preferring to cart their beverages around in mason jars with canning lids. i think this is great, except for my desire to frequently sip. then i saw this cuppow thing and love that it makes a sippy cup out of jars. now the question is, can i get it in glass instead of any type of plastic [though i see it’s bpa-free and recyclable]. see the writeup and video at

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