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grand central logo redesign
grand central logo redesign, image:

looking at things new york this week, let’s start with pentagram’s redesign of the grand central logo. i think they did a lovely job paying homage to the iconic landmark by putting a quaint illustration of the timeclock front and center in their legacy logo. see more of how it’s applied at

one wtc logo
one wtc logo, image:

branding for the new building at one world trade center, by wordsearch. looks like a powerful and substantial wordmark so far, it will be interesting to see how it plays out in practice. see more at


jack's wife freda identity
jack's wife freda identity, image:

it was nice to see this identity & menu design for jack’s wife freda on art of the menu, since we were just in new york last month and ate here for breakfast. i’ll admit, aside from the good reviews, i was attracted to the cute illustration and simple style. i love how the very menu you eat on as a place-mat is placed directly on their site as well. nice work & good food!


subway sign, grand central station
subway sign, grand central station, image:

will ever update their blog again? i was really enjoying the great type specimens from around town, and thought i’d share this lovely subway sign, also from grand central station.

finally, with the may protests that started yesterday, michael beruit takes a look at the original adbusters poster calling for occupation of wall street, and asks the question: does political graphic design matter?

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