creative inspiration

typography: halloween!

scary type cards
[image: will staehle]
this week, everyone is nuts about typography, so i’m going with it. first up, send your friends these cool b-movie typeset cards by will staehle for a tastefully retro spook during halloween week. thanks, how magazine for the link.

typography: in print!

ligature, loop & stem poster
this stunning typographic elements poster by ligature loop and stem was featured on the FPO blog this week. it’s already so clean and stylish, but then they even ran it as letterpress. bravo!

typography: wine packaging!

vina sios
this packaging for viña siós uses a simple type treatment, but it’s bold, unique and elegant in its simplicity. nice work!

typography: make your own!

design sponge veer alphabet contest
[image: design sponge]
after a week of type-related design posts on design sponge, a contest was announced that i can really get behind. design sponge has challenged people everywhere to create a typeface, and veer has donated a cash & credit prize to the winner. the best part–this isn’t one of those crowdsourcing spec deals where veer takes rights, it’s really just to get everyone excited about creating stuff, sharing it and appreciating it. cool!

if you really want to get down and dirty, kernspiracy, cinema speakeasy, echo park film center and machine project present A TYPOGRAPHIC JOYRIDE, in which you can carve type into potatoes, create a group typeface, and then watch a typographic documentary. type-tastic!

beyond design

back to halloween: serious eats wants you to send them pics of the pumpkin you carve. it’s a contest!

speaking of pumpkins, you can use them like a terrine and bake soup right in them. neither i, nor saveur, would ever joke about something so delicious: pumpkin soup in a pumpkin.

and speaking of fall, and things like leaves, i hate leaf blowers. i guess i just thought everyone else loved them and invited them to my neighborhood every week, but i’m glad i’m wrong. the leaf blower wars, thanks utne reader.

and finally, we weren’t speaking of this, but i love it when LA natives rediscover our city and get all i ❤ LA about it: must see list, from los angeles magazine by anne taylor-fleming.

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