creative inspiration

Blödes Orchester from white tube on Vimeo.

this appliance orchestra is cracking me up!


letter lamp
image: design sponge

how’s this for an awesome diy project, combining custom typography with [hopefully] a love of salvaged signs. hey, if you can’t find any, make them! check the whole how-to at design sponge.


broken trail
image: imaginaria creative /

what a cool, fun, retro, stampy, hand-made looking label for broken trail sauces. check the whole profile at the dieline and be sure to read all the great copy in the details.

design industry

it may be a bit too late for this year, but if you found yourself battling your past of disorganized paperwork when preparing taxes [or you’re about to], take that frustration and do something about it for next year: biz ladies: taxes made easy

a wave of design award submission deadlines just passed, but the under consideration people just announced a new one the FPO awards, calling for entries now!

for the ladies everywhere who are looking for the women in this industry, women of design was reviewed in the designer’s review of books and it looks like an awesome collection of who’s ever been who on the fairer sided of design.

if you’re looking for great LA design events this week & next, look no further than my round-up for LAist: LA design events, april 2011 preview!

los angeles

cicLAvia route
image: cicLAvia

cicLAvia is this weekend! make sure your bikes are tuned up & ready to go, and hit the streets this sunday!


marinated grilled artichokes

it’s the season of flowers, including those that eat like a meal. if you’re looking for endless great artichoke ideas, i’ve collected the best i could find for LAist: seasonal eats: have flowers for dinner with artichokes!

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