creative inspiration


Voices of Youth Identity from Hyperakt on Vimeo.

i’d put up the before & after intro that under consideration usually posts, but it just doesn’t do this redesign justice. this highly versatile identity system is everything a great brand can grow from and use to communicate. take a closer look at all the fantastic details at


baked type
image: anna garforth /

what a precise endeavor, not only to cut such thin type out of dough, but then to bake it without burning anything. thanks,

house industries has just launched photo lettering, where you can set type using their highly stylized & versatile fonts, and download a vector file for use. check it out!


letterpress vineyard
image: fizz /

very cute & clever idea of pairing grape varietals with typefaces to give each even more personality. not to mention pretty amazing labels. see the whole preview at

design industry

some interesting things are circulating about the behavior of women as consumers, for one women dominate the global marketplace, here are 5 keys to reaching them, from, and study finds women more likely to choose eco-packaging.

HOW has 10 reasons you’ll love the creativity issue, and if you have it and read into reason #5, you can hear from myself and some greatly respected colleagues talk about transitioning to freelance, which is very fun indeed.

los angeles

after reading the profile of GOOD’s LA issue, i decided i’m going to have to go buy a hard copy to curl up with this weekend. but that’s not to say you can’t read it online. digging deeper, if you want to see how designers and writers who do amazing things all over town live, design sponge sneak peeks alissa walker & keith scharwath’s pad in silver lake.


loquat ginger chutney
loquat ginger chutney

i picked the first loquats of the season this weekend, made some chutney, and researched as many things as i could find on how to prepare them for seasonal eats: forage your local loquats!

with easter around the corner, you’re going to have a lot of hard boiled eggs. if you need help with them, check out happy spring: 5 deviled egg recipes. and then, really, think twice about eating too much easter candy, because sugar is really more problematic than most of us think, and that’s putting it mildly. sorry to end on that note, but i care about your health. and my chutney is sugar-free.

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