creative inspiration

sneak peeks

Legacy of Letters from Luca Barcellona on Vimeo.

alissa walker shares a slideshow perfect for creative inspiration: a look inside the sketchbooks of 12 top designers.

want answers to all your design questions from a design master? brings you an interview with sagi haviv.

if you’re inspired by these sneak peeks and want to make some of your own great ideas happen, smashing magazine wants that for you too: how to make innovative ideas happen.

design industry

topographical art cards from crafterall
[image: crafterall]
the color palettes and textures in these custom-cut art cards by crafterall are so inviting!

keep your clients happy & committed to you [overlooking the cheesy champagne toast shot] with this guide from freelance switch: the components of a successful client relationship

have a presentation coming up? are you nervous about making sure everyone’s into it rather than bored—or worse yet, tweeting about boredom [because that doesn’t get anyone unfollowed]? run through this guide to captivating presentations on slideshare: steal this presentation

i’m loving all these “real stories of mad men” crawling out of the wood work, here’s another: the original mad man, from

beyond design

if you’ve ever wondered about how white wine is made, this is a great step-by-step from winemaking 101: how white wine is made.

i don’t know that i’ve ever experienced the feeling of apple overwhelm, but if you have “too many” and you want to try to hide them in places like salsa, serious eats has a suggestion for you: apple salsa fruits serious heat.

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