creative inspiration


social traders identity
image: fabio ongarato design /

i’m loving this clean, simple, 2-color identity for social traders. the folded ribbon motif going through the main logotype, carrying through to the art is bold and elegant without being overstated. see the entire package on


tilly devine wine

another from the dieline, outstanding student work on coffee packaging, with lovely custom type logo: coffee bag!

always a sucker for typographic design elements, this packaging for tilly devine nearly becomes illegible, though the desire to read it wins out as you spin the lable. see the more photos at

design industry

vintage orange crate design

i could look at vintage citrus crates for hours. if you want to read more about this history of citrus branding and marketing in california, has a great piece about how it all came to be.

continuing with sustainability, justin ahrens contributes to the parse blog, start somewhere: green is a must, while design sponge’s biz ladies outlines a how-to: simple ways to green your business.

One thought on “creative inspiration

  1. We used to live in an 1898 Victorian cottage in San Jose, and I decorated the kitchen with vintage citrus crate labels. They were just gorgeous. I left them behind for the new owner, but I think I aspire to one day have another kitchen where crate labels can be prominently displayed.


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