creative inspiration: wine wraps

it seems like wine wraps are popping up everywhere—whether as packaging for a product, decorative wrap for personal gift-giving, or branded overlays for client gifts, wine is getting wrapped up everywhere!

waddeson wine wraps

waddeson wine wraps

just one component of the rothschild’s wine distribution company, waddeson wine, these wraps manage to show a modern take on the map of the estate, blending historic and contemporary influences. see the whole brand package at

truett-hurst wine wraps

truett-hurst wine wraps

truett-hurst takes a different approach with these buyer-themed wraps, studying reasons and seasons when buyers buy, and designing wraps in the strongest themes. the wraps add an engaging and image-heavy narrative that allows the brand to communicate in a new way with potential shoppers. see more at

filirea gi wine wraps

filirea gi wraps

great for home brewers giving client gifts or short production runs, this 1-color wrap is budget-conscious while still adding a layer of interest. this piece illustrates the home winemaking process. see more at

design am chiemsee wine wraps

design am chiemsee wraps

a very nice collection of wine wrapping papers from design am chiemsee, these wraps are reversible and offer decorative surprises for the recipient. see the collection at

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